Friday, 13 August 2010

Felicity's Fabulous Friday

The 13th August is International Left Handers Day.
Left handed me produced the left handed Crown Princess on the 13th August 1981

The Crown Princess Turns 29 Today.
She's one of my best creations!

Miranda aged about 6 years shown wearing one of my sewing creations.
For her 11th birthday, all she wanted was a shop bought dress!

With her lovely rock doctor, Duncan

All My beautiful creations Done Grown Up!
Yeah. Right!
The unofficial 50th birthday pic

The Official Pic for my 50th!


Lapplisor said...

Hi Felicity
I wish your sweet tochter a wonderfull Happy Birthday ...!
Congratulation to your nice family.

Maureen said...

Happy birthday for your gorgeous daughter - oh and big up us lefties!!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos Felicity ^^
I'm a leftie and two of my three kids are too - so us lefties are the majority in my house lol

Margaret said...

What a beautiful family Felicity. Congratulations to your daughter on her birthday.

Hugs from a household of righties. :)