Saturday, 26 February 2011


© Papillon Creations 2011

Design size:-300 x 490 stitches
Finished stitched size:-
14/28 Count fabric:51.1 x 82.6 cm (20" x32½")
16/32 Count fabric:44.7 x72.1 cm (17½" x 28½")

It is designed as a companion piece for

Love With A Capital L
(which I stitched in 2007)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yes, I'm a knitter

I'm one of the very lucky ones. I come from a long line artistic/creative people (musicians, painters, engineers, architects, tailors, cabinet makers, sail makers, farmers/gardeners etc). Hence, thanks to watching my maternal grandmother and eldest sister knit, knit, knit when I was little and seeing the results of some pretty spectacular projects, I too caught the bug.

Having watched and learned (and being left handed), I knit from right needle to left.

This is the little jacket I started last week. Cute, isn't it? It still needs some buttons. Mama-in-training immediately put in an order for a matching outfit (for herself).

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Baby News

The Princesse Royale and her Rock Doctor
are expecting their first baby around about the 12th March.

She asked me the other day if I was excited.


The whole family is excited!

We all find every excuse to visit or get together just so that we can watch Baby grow!

More than ever, we are ladies who lunch

Sunday get-togethers with extended family are back in fashion
(The Rock Doctor's Family on Sunday).

And of course, I'm doing my Grammar knitting...

Insanity - you get it from knitting!

I've been counting in grids of 10 x 10 stitches for so long that I get Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms each time I get to 20 while trying to count my 289 stitches. I think the red matinee jacket might have too many stitches because I've miscounted badly way back. LOL

The Birth Sampler has taken a back seat for a wee while because I've decided to wait until Baby is born to choose the design.

As she or he is going to be a Rabbit Baby (born in the Year of the Rabbit), I have a strong urge to stitch this:

Yes, I'm excited. I have a severe dose of Grandma Fever. I think and talk babies with whoever will listen. Fortunately, my other 3 daughters and 5 sisters seem to have been struck by the same baby bug. Even fellow park walkers (the 5AM groups) regularly ask me how The Princesse Royale is going & if Baby has arrived.

Over 30 years ago, however, one of my aunts wisely reminded me when I was preparing for my wedding that my mother had had her wedding and that it was an event to do it my way rather than my mother's way. I've been giving the Princesse Royale space to find her maternity and mothering feet. While she was morning sick and very anaemic, I worried for her rather than enthused about the baby, but as Madame glows like a lighthouse in good health these days, the two of us talk babies and swap baby stories (Madame is a midwife) in endless happy chatter.

Baby & I are also getting to know each other more. Yesterday, for example, in the car while driving his/her mother around Brisbane in search of the perfect pram, I introduced him/her to Classic 70s Australian Rock at the volume one is expected to listen to it. He/she liked it! LOL

Happiness & laughter to one and all.

I'll keep you posted about our special event.