Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yes, I'm a knitter

I'm one of the very lucky ones. I come from a long line artistic/creative people (musicians, painters, engineers, architects, tailors, cabinet makers, sail makers, farmers/gardeners etc). Hence, thanks to watching my maternal grandmother and eldest sister knit, knit, knit when I was little and seeing the results of some pretty spectacular projects, I too caught the bug.

Having watched and learned (and being left handed), I knit from right needle to left.

This is the little jacket I started last week. Cute, isn't it? It still needs some buttons. Mama-in-training immediately put in an order for a matching outfit (for herself).


Alberta said...

Felicity, that is adorable! Well done...can't wait to see what you choose for buttons, there are so many cute ones now.

What yarn did you use? Around here all the baby weight tends to be in pastel colours and I just love that vivid red!

Felicity said...

I used good ol' Australian wool, Alberta. We produce one third of the wool of the world, so I guess one of the perks is that it comes in all sorts of gorgeous colours. Any time you want some, I've got heaps to spare. Or go here: . Choose colours and I'll send them over.

Margaret said...

Absolutely gorgeous. No wonder MIT wants one to match.