Monday, 16 May 2011

Racing to Finish!

Some things take precedence in life.

I'm knitting a blanket for The Little Prince and one thing I've learned about knitting blankets is that, unlike learning French or listening to audio tapes, one has to sit and knit, not make it grow by simple wishing!

Hence, no blogging. My sincerest apologies for no contact lately. It has been for a good cause.

Another lesson I have learned is that I will only ever knit four such blankets - one for each of the off-spring (as opposed to each new grandchild). They are hard work! LOL

The good news is that it should be finished by the end of the week so I will go back to stitching.

Time Out

Remember these cuties? My three older off-spring had them framed for my recent birthday.

The photo above is not a masterpiece, but the actual thing is simply gorgeous in its new frame.

The Little Prince

No 1 grandson is almost 9 weeks old. Last week he giggled at me for the first time. How wonderful was that? Mother & baby are doing really well. The only thing that The Divine Miss M. (The Princess Royale) is worried about is if her future children will be as delightfully easy babies as their older brother. Ah, to be so carefree! LOL

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Margaret said...

Felix is absolutely beautiful. What a treasure he must be to all of you.

Love the blanket you knit for Felix and his future siblings. A wonderful keepsake for Miranda & Duncan.

The framed doggies are a treat to see. What's next - a birth sampler? Have you made a choice?

hugs, Margaret

Shelley said...

Grandbaby is simply too cute!! The blanket is gorgeous. More power to you, I don't knit or crochet...

Your puppies are framed and as beautiful as ever :)

Alberta said...

Babies, blankets and all that makes the heart glow - how wonderful!

Meari said...

The little prince is an absolute cutie!