Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Personal Finishing Challenges

Becky Bee's Stitching Hive is hosting a BAP Challenge.

Those who complete the challenge will have their name added to a drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate from the ONS of Becky’s choice.

I think Becky's BAP Challenge is a great motivator even though I'm not going to join.

I've got so many projects on the go that I really shouldn't start another one!

Two years ago, I joined a SAL with Margaret and Berta. The year before that, we did the 'Frederick the Literate' SAL. The girls were such an inspiration.

I should finish my chairs before I commit to something new.

I should also finish these...

Panda Days

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

Grand Marquoir

And this ...

It's a Dinosaur Alphabet for Felix


Alberta said...

Felicity, I must fess up, I haven't finished my back stitching on my 4 Season Chairs! What am I waiting for besides a strained finger to heal so I can take off the splint and bend it enough to hold a needle? I'll be pulling this project out and putting it where I'll see it every day until it's done!

Thanks for the nudge!

Shelley said...

I have lost my stitching mojo for the past week. I have an exchange piece and tons of 'stuff' on my plate to stitch this year. Seeing your WIPs is itching me to stitch again.

Hugs :)

Margaret said...

Great projects to finish this year Felicity. After that - maybe another SAL for the three of us?

hugs, Margaret

Suzanne said...

Nice projects you have planned for this year. Thanks for the video you sent, sorry it was caught up in my spam folder. It's a great short advert which really makes you think about how you live your life.