Thursday, 7 June 2012

The New Look Blog

Welcome One and All to the new look Bliss-x-stitches. I got with the flow & updated my blog's template. There are a few new 'bits' due to the change of template styles by blogger, but basically I 'tweeked' it to look like it always has looked: a Blogger design enhanced by Helena Normark's graphics at Graphic Garden.

As ever, comments are most welcome particularly as I know some of you had problems with the size of the text and where the blog actually sat on the screen. I hope it's now readable for everyone. Let me know if it isn't.

While I'm sending you surfing the net to see Helena's lovely ideas, I should also introduce you to my latest blog find. Meet Kelly from Off The Beaded Path. Kelly is an enthusiastic beader with her own etsy and bricks-and-mortar shops with the same name. She also does the most wonderful YouTube demonstrations of beading techniques. The MOTH should be frightened because she emailed me earlier in the week to say that she posts to Australia. If you are into beading, go check out the blog.

Bent Creek Big Zipper - Part 3

Stitching progress on the Bent Creek Big Zipper is coming along nicely. I'm pacing myself with a few other crafty things at the moment so perhaps the updates are not quite as regular as you would like to see. Working on this as my 'off project' for the dinosaur alphabet can only be described as a stitching disaster - LOL. I'm enjoying it so much that I don't want to go back to the dinosaurs, just yet.

Hardanger Classes

This is NOT my Hardanger effort but what I'm aiming for with my Hardanger classes. Stitch by stitch, I'm getting the hang of it and hope to tackle my Nordic Needle project some time before I leave Perth!

New Sewing Machine

You know me as a needleworker. The new look Bliss-X-stitches is going to introduce the Felicity who knows how to operate a sewing machine. I was one of the lucky people who learned how to draft patterns and sew at the same time she learned how to read and write. With the Princesse Royale and the Rock Doctor's wedding coming up on the 29th September, I need some practice before I tackle whatever dresses might need to be made or altered.

Hence, the Living Doll & the Stethopscope Dutchess (my two younger daughters) are each getting a dress like this for their respective birthdays. The dresses look fancy enough but they are quite simple to make. I chose the style because it has features which I want to practise on (rolled hems, invisible zip, fancy stitching, spaghetti strap turning, beaded trims to attach and, of course, precision fitting). Wish me luck!


These were my craft fair splurge two weeks ago. I like beading so have decided to do it for the fun of it and not worry about what Tiffany (The MOTH's DIL) thinks of it.


Lucy & Harry's puppies have left home. Er, let me re-state that. All the puppies which were sold have left home. Liz & Murray fell in love with little Sophie, so she is staying for a wonderful life at Brookton Hounds. She reminds me so much of a little Lucy at the same age yet she also has an air of Harry about her.

Stop Press!

Gosh, I almost forgot the good news. Remember my A Quaker Christmas sampler which had the laundry disaster?

The good news is that I found a product in my local supermarket that removed the dye which ran where it shouldn't have. The sampler is now ready for framing. I'm so pleased about this! I nearly gave up cross stitch when my four years of work bit the dust!

That's about it for me, this week. It's a long post but there are lots of nice things happening which are worth sharing. My apologies that I haven't been doing any commenting on blogs. To be honest, I haven't been online much in recent weeks. I'll get back to surfing soon.

Time to get on my broom and fly. I'm off to vist Jo at Colours Down Under for a morning of stitching.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Stitching Noni said...

Love Helena's graphics - I have one or two of them on my blog :o)
So good to hear that you sorted out your beautiful sampler. Look forward to seeing it framed.
Sophie is so cute - no wonder she is not leaving home to go to a new home.
Thanks for the new blog link... will have to have a squizz later!
Have fun practicing your dressmaking skills - my mum used to make all her own patterns and then make our dresses - but she doesn't do that anymore, and I just never got around to learning to do it. The skill is certainly being lost over the generations.
Enjoy your day out with Jo :o) Love that shop!!!

Alberta said...

Aren't you full of vim & vigor!!!

Love the blog tweaking you did almost as much as the sewing projects you have selected. Everyone is going to look fabulous!
So glad the sampler is fit for framing, I was heart broken for you when your colour ran.

Keep the energy going!


Veronica said...

New blog look is pretty :) Lovely stitching and hardanger work. Happy to hear that you've managed to solve the bleeding problem. Can't wait to see it framed. It's a gorgeous sampler.

Oooh... Congratulations on the new sewing machine. I own a Bernina too. Less expensive model but it sews like a dream!


Meari said...

Good luck with your sewing and hardanger adventures. So glad you were able to get the dye stains out.

*-* said...

Great to see a post from you & I'm glad you have so much to show.

We have two Burmese females who know those tricks very well. LOL

Good to hear you have sorted the dye problem on your beautiful sampler.

Lucky you with a new Bernina, enjoy all your dress making projects.

lynda said...

Your blog looks great...and your Quaker Christmas is stunning!

claire93 said...

I haven't visited in a while Felicity, looks like you've been really busy and your beading is gorgeous

claire93 said...

I haven't visited in a while Felicity, looks like you've been really busy and your beading is gorgeous