Friday, 15 June 2012

The Story Behind the Recipe

In early 1989 when the nearly three year old Living Doll discovered flour play in the kitchen when helping me make play doh, we started making scones every second day.
You can imagine how much she loved making them (sifting and handling flour, mixing in butter with her fingers and making decisions to eat seeds, er sultanas, or put them into the scone mix)! We got quite good at making them with so much practice.

About a 6 months later, however, I moaned that I was sick of making scones so could we please make some biscuits instead?

"Mummy, you know how to make biscuits?" asked the then 5 year old Crown Prince, in wide-eyed wonder.

I told him that anyone could cook anything they liked if they knew how to follow a recipe. After all, it was just like a science experiment, wasn't it?
You tried the recipe, critiqued the flavours and tweaked the mix ...

The rest is "Blue Book" history.

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