Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Very Important Family Wedding

The Princess Royale and Her Rock Doctor were married today!

Here are just a few of the beautiful photos from the day.

Duncan waiting for Miranda

The Bride arriving with her father

The Bridesmaids

William & Miranda
The Ceremony
Signing the Registry
The Musicians
The Kiss


Brides Maids

A Rose Between Two Thorns

Felicity and Paul

Felix at his parents' wedding

The Reception

The Cake

The Graves Family

The Graves Grandchildren

With the Sue Yek Grandparents
The Extended Sue Yek Family
Granmma Flick and Felix

Ready to Leave

David, the Crown Prince

The Bride and her parents before the wedding
Diana, Miranda, Nadia & Gabriella

Getting Ready

At the hairdresser


My Hair
Felix Getting dressed

The Day Before at Brookfield Hall

Decorating Brookfield Hall
Bridal Table
Geraldine at Brookfield Hall
Brookfield Hall dressed up!

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