Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Home

We've bought a new house! The MOTH wanted to make the move to Perth, Western Australia, a permanent one to maximise his career opportunities. I'm here with mixed feelings (going for a year of adventure is one thing, but going and staying so far from my children and grandchild is another), but am making the most of the new opportunities. I'm sure I'll be sorry for myself some of the time, but I'm also sure that the heart will recover. We've kept our Brisbane house in case one day we want to move back East
We moved in this week, but the unpacking will have to wait for another week
 because of a planned trip to Brisbane
The front of the house (which backs onto a golf course)
I have another Rose garden!


Random Act of Kindness
While we were waiting on the Saturday to pick up the keys, we went to a clivia exhibition.
I was mid-sentence of telling one of the attendants why we were there when she simply walked away
...and came back with this gorgeous house warming gift!

The Interior of the House





P.S. A month later after the wedding.
November: finally unpacked!

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