Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Starts & an Old Fave...

It's a while since I started anything new. I had a hang up about doing so when I had so many WIPs. Nevertheless, this week, I can report two new starts and some work on an old favourites.

An Old favourite by Isabelle Vautier

Japanese Box by Chatelaine
A SAL with my friend, Jill.

For a coming baby...
I also have the fabric and the pattern for
Gypsy Mermaid by Mirabilia on Caribbean Blue Jobelan.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,
 A SAL with Shelley & Berta
A great idea!
An old chart by Joan Elliott
Another version of the finished box


Alberta said...

Busy lady! Felicity where do you find the time? Lol

I love that box you made, is it difficult to assemble? If I ever get DD done I may try one.


Margaret said...

Such pretty projects Felicity. The box is so special.

Is the baby going to be a little girl?

stitcherw said...

Fun projects all, the mermaid will be gorgeous, but I think my favorite was Gargoyles, they are the cutest gargoyles I've ever seen, that will be a fun project. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Sue

Anonymous said...

lol you still haven't finished the Grand Marquoir????
received your card today - thanks for all the news ^^