Monday, 29 May 2006

Monday again!

Paul and I slept in the youngest princess's room last night. The painting is done in there except for the trims.

Today I’m starting on our bedroom. We moved everything out of it yesterday, and found lots of treasure – except the metronome that went missing when me moved into Castle Bliss. After emptying the room, we popped over to Oxley to the hardware store for more paint. On the way we stopped at a couple of furniture shops. Don’t be surprised if we have not only a new bed but a new bedroom suite at some stage in the next 6 weeks.

Apart from painting, I’m also revamping curtains. I didn’t realise that the pelmet on the spare room window was hiding a roman blind so I’m going to revamp the pelmet and get the blind cleaned and put them in the youngest princess's room ready for her return in a couple of months. It should be quite a nice place to sleep when it’s all done. She also appreciate the reverse-cyle airconditioning we added after her departure.

Note the word ‘sleep’. I haven’t set up the room with a desk etc. Have you ever noticed how kids do homework on the bed or in front of the television and use the desk as a junk store? This is going to be a sleeping room with clothes and stuff kept in ‘house and garden’ state. Yeah, right! Pigs might fly too.

Gypsy, our cat, is spooked. She was fine with all the unusual house activities until I came in on Saturday and threw something along the floor towards the kitchen on my way down the corridor to put my handbag away. I’ve also tripped over her a couple of times when she has got in the way during the last few days. She thought something negative obviously, because she has been uptight ever since. She can’t understand at all the movement of stuff out of our room, the new paint smells, etc. To make matters worse, I bought her a new bed for the laundry in preparation for going to a cattery. She happily sleeps on it, but it’s new in a new environment where it’s cold because Winter has set in. The only thing that makes her at all cuddle-able is the fact that mama and daddy seem really happy, not at all put out which is how she is expecting us to be with the chaos. She’s currently sleeping beside me on the bed while I type this to you.

The list of jobs for this week is long. While painting and sewing figure prominantly, there is also sorting and packing to do. Ah, but what fun!

I'd better get to it.

Happiness and laughter always,


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