Friday, 2 June 2006

The Gang - Homeward Run

The target date is here but still my Popcorn 'The Gang' is unfinished (there is all the backstitching to be done). I did all the characters but discovered on the last one that two symbols were so similar that I used the wrong one in a couple of bears. To my aged eyes I couldn't see the difference. Oh joy! Why have an x and an x? Tricky, huh?

I'm working on painting during the day and stitching in the evenings whilst my darling is away. I'm still sure that I can finish both projects before I leave for London in 10 days.

Ah well, back to it!

Blissful stitching to one and all!


1 comment:

Leeland said...

You're definitely speeding away! It all looks very beautiful!
Take care!