Thursday, 8 June 2006

Pre-holiday insanity

It's not the 50 weeks of hard work that make the holiday a necessity. It's that one week of madness before one leaves.

Weekdays, Paul's been clearing his desk getting ready for four weeks away. I say 'clearing his desk' in a metaphorical sense because I'm not sure he actually has a desk unless it's located at Brisbane Airport. He has spent the last three weeks travelling back and forth to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Hunter Valley doing whatever he does when he's at work.

As well as my usual activities of daily living, I've been working on two particular projects for the last two weeks: my cross stitch (which you can check out at Blissful Creations) and house renovations, most particularly the painting of the three bedrooms in preparation for youngest princess's return in July (see my recent post about painting). 'The Gang' is nearly finished and, thankfully, I've run out of wall paint which means that once I've finished the trims in the master bedroom I'm done for this round of nesting insanity.

Weekends haven't been slack either. LOL. Apart from recovery from busy weekdays, we've been gradually getting ourselves organised for the big trip. There have been lists of 'things to do before we go', 'things to see while we are away', 'bills to pay', 'what to take', et cetera, scribbled out and then crossed off as we've gotten more organised. We might have reached the insanity of 'list of lists to write' at one stage, but I quietly slipped that one into the bin when I was home alone one evening.

At this point with everything almost but not quite there, I will be in shock if we make it onto the plane. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I'd better get back to it.

Happiness and laughter always,


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