Saturday, 10 June 2006


Preparations for the big trip are going well.

Friday was a whopper! I bought tyres forand got the Corolla serviced, went to the hairdresser, got a manicure & pedicure to get rid of the remains of paint, picked up the plane tickets and finally got to the doc for some antibiotics for my head cold. Hang on to your hats, folks. It seems that I don't have a head cold. I have pneumonia. I'm getting on that blasted plane even if it kills me.

Meanwhile, today I did some clothes shopping both for the trip to London and in preparation for starting work the day after I get back from our holiday. Diana was a great help!

David took delivery of his temporary wheels today. He's Gypsy and house-sitting while we are away but as we live out of town a little, we have lent him the Corolla. This is the car that Luke decided he didn't want (he's a sparky and bought himself a ute - a man's car!) and therefore returned to his father last week. It's not a bad little vehicle now that it has the tyres, a service and a new alternator. Me thinx that David's rather pleased. I think he was expecting a bomb. LOL.

And so back to putting our wardrobe back to order. You know how it is ... leave it too long to put everything back after painting and chaos insidiously sets in.

Happiness and laughter always,


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