Saturday, 10 June 2006

... and so it goes

No, it won't be finished before the plane trip but it will be finished soon!

Determination to finish no longer has any connection to whether I will like the finished product. Having done all the work, I'm not sure that I like it. Yoiks! The colours are insipid

So what made it 'work'? What made it easier to get done than other cross stitches beforehand? My usual track record is about 10 years per project. Not working at the moment helped, for sure; however, I think the biggest thing was a little trick I learned when I went to the Barrossa Valley in December - use more than just the centering lines when necessary. This was a complicated pattern. While I was in South Australia, I visited a craft shop where photographs are converted to cross stitch works of art. The stitcher had a grid system of running stitch to help with the project. I found that counting was so much more accurate and less frustrating as a result of the marking lines matching the 10 stitch bold grid lines in a pattern. As a result, the project was much less a chore once the shine of the 'new project' wore off. I suggest that anyone with a large or complicated project try it

Fatigue has just set in. I've got to go and do more packing

Blissful stitching to one and all.



Tannia said...

You're so close now.....I hope you get it done before your trip :)

If not - dont' stress they will be waiting for you when you get back :)

Have a fabulous time - I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

BlissxStitches said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Tannia. We leave Australia in 10 hours. I won't finish before then, but there is always that long, long trip there and back.

Janine said...

By now you are having a wow of a time in the UK. I just wanted to say that I clicked on your name in my blog. I am not very good at adding to it I am afraid. I forget about it quite a lot. Anyway I looked at your profile and you list piano playing as one of your interests. I play the piano as well. Well not well as I have only been learning for nearly a year now. I used to learn as a child and took it back up at 47. I love it and have a lovely old style hire piano. I am just starting to learn a few more technical pieces now. I love the classical music. I was so surprised to find that I had not forgotten everything so have fast forwarded quite quickly. I am probably further ahead than I was when I stopped learning as a child. Sorry this is not cross stitch related. I did enjoy looking at your stitching though and will have you as a favourite on my site so I can come back and look at everything you have.

Kitt said...

What an adorable pattern! Your stitching is lovely!
I can't wait to see these guys finished and framed!
Oh....I have an Ergo stand, it's for recliners. You can see it here;