Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been so busy lately, I hardly know myself!

First of all, it's hot, hot, humid & sticky here in Brisbane at the moment. I feel like I'm wading through a fog like you get in the bathroom after a hot shower, one that lasts the whole day through - most unpleasant. It makes me feel lethargic when the air-co isn't rattling away.

Last Saturday, Paul & I went to a lovely little BYO restaurant in Auchenflower called Sprout. The food was really good (particularly the bitter chocolate & hazelnut tart served with home made vanilla icecream)& the chef & his staff very attentive. I recommend it.

On Sunday we dined out again, this time lunch at a cafe on the south side of town called Eleven 17. The food was nice & the company spectacular. Whilst there, we helped my long term friend, Anne, celebrate her birthday.

Paul's away again, this time in Perth. It's a quick trip (Monday to Thursday).

We are having dinner on Thursday night (about an hour after Paul flies back in) with my children & William, their father. Will's passing through town on his way south to a family wedding. There are many people who think it odd that we are all fairly comfortable in sitting down to a meal together (Paul, William & I), but that's us. We don't really care what others think, except for the off-spring, & they love it.

School's back in for both the kids & me this semester. Yes, folks, I'm back at supply teaching AND hitting the books for some serious study - Master Applied Science here I come! What exactly does that entail? Well now, please don't laugh but it means that I have to do senior high school maths again because (woe is me) though I passed last time (circa 1977), I wagged too many classes way back then to remember anything now. Sigh!

This year, I'm also doing IT, psychology, statistics, & reasoning subjects - not only will I be able to work out what the kids collectively might be asking for, it's also not going to be a good year to argue the case for more pocket money (not that they do, to be honest).

I'm off to bed. It's late.

Love, happiness & laughter always,


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