Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Friendship Sampler - a new project

Take a look at the lovely blue heart sampler to the left. Isn't it beautiful? I'm not using the exact recommended colours, though they are still blues (I tried dyeing fabric & matching it with pinks & plums, but it looked less classy so scrapped that idea). Instead, I matched it to some colours in another project I have already completed & one I have in the stash pile still to do. This one hasn't appeared on any list but it has been in the stash pile as a downloaded file from Carinne for a while.

Um ...? Good thing I didn't put up a date for my quitting cross stitch thoughts I had before Christmas, huh? LOL

Frederick is still going - it's a simple stitch job - but he's been put to the side as my Tuesday SAL for the moment so that I can work on the new project.

I tried some more fabric dyeing last week. The real aim of the dyeing wasn't that I was keen to start MORE stitching/floss collecting but simply that I bought the wrong material for my Mirabilia 'Mermaids of the Deep Blue' project & I didn't want to buy yet another piece of fabric. So for all you people who want to know, Zweigart's Pastel Linen in Amsterdam Blue looks glorious with an over-dye of Dylon #6. They are going to be pretty mermaids when they are done.

Blissful cross stitching everyone!



stitcherw said...

Your new sampler pattern looks very pretty, and the fabric for the mermaids sounds lovely. So...when are you going to post a picture of your fabric dyeing project?

BlissxStitches said...

Soon. This week the camera went for a trip to Perth with DH.

Anonymous said...

Your sttiching is always great. Anxious to see those Mermaids.

Cindy said...

I can not wait to see progress pics of the sampler as well as Mirabilia 'Mermaids of the Deep Blue.

BlissxStitches said...

'Mermaids' is a while off. I've gotta enjoy looking at that stash for another few months, hum & ha & admire for a bit longer still. You know how it is. LOL

Name: Vicki said...

Beautiful finish! I haven't tried dyeing fabric yet, but I want to "take the plunge." Have a happy day!

BlissxStitches said...

Sadly, I can't take credit for the above stitching. My sampler is nowhere near finished.

Carto said...

Hey there Bliss xx

Good for you for having a go at dyeing! I have a friend who's started to dye her own fabrics and she says that not only is it great to have the freedom of colour choice, but it also puts a complete personal touch to a project. It's not very often someone can say that not only have they stitched the design, but also dyed the fabric as well. I'll look forward to seeing it. Take care xx