Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Weekend

We've had a mostly quiet weekend. This is our first Easter spent in Brisbane since we moved here in 2004 because it's usually the weekend we go south to Paul's parents' place near Port Macquarie, NSW. As we have just came back from a long trip & we are seeing Mum & Dad very soon, we thought we would take it quietly & paint the living room instead.

Nice thought ... no action. Yes, we did take it quietly. No we didn't paint a drip!. The walls are still dark salmon & the new British Paints Aran White is still in the tin.

Our weekend consisted of breakfast each day with one or other family member, and then yesterday evening, we had a fun dinner in town with friends from Canada whom we originally met in Austria (look for blogs which talk about our plans for a trip to North America). Apart from that, as we've got no furniture in our living room we've lounged on the bed, snoozed, read books, eaten copious amounts of chocolate & watched DVD after DVD. Life's tough! LOL

I hope you too are enjoying your weekend.

Happiness & laughter always,


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