Sunday, 8 April 2007

Please Send Inspiration

I haven't stitched in over a month. Please someone, send me some stitching inspiration vibes! LOL

Just kidding. I've temporarily lost the stitching mojo. The fact that I don't have a chair to sit on (they've all gone to the upholsterer whilst the kitchen gets renovated) probably doesn't help.


Isabelle said...

Oooh... I'm in the same place! Except I don't have the excuse of not having a chair to sit on - just being plain too exhausted in the evening!
However, I'm about to jump into my train to my parents' and prepared a fun and quick project for the train - and I'm excited about it like I haven't been in weeks!
My 2-cent worth advice to you would therefore be, start a fun, quick project that can be stitched up in just a few hours :)

Happy day! :)

bunnyhead said...

~~~~ Stitching vibes ~~~~~

Maybe starting a new project would help you get over the hump?

Margaret said...

Oh you make me so happy!!! This means that you haven't been working on Frederick. Each day I promise myself - tomorrow.
Like Isabelle said - a quick fun project is what you need. That's what I've been doing too.
Glad you had a good Easter.

BlissxStitches said...

Thanks everyone. Perhaps what I need is to work on Fred instead of working on the 'Love' sampler. At this point of renovating chaos, I shouldn't start another project.
Will we aim to finish 'Frederick' by 31st December? LOL

Margaret said...

Sounds good - a goal that sounds doable. I have a few stitches left on a small charity project and will finish that today. Then we're back in business.

Lee said...

No chair?? You poor darlin'! No wonder you don't have the urge to stitch. I just hope you haven't been reduced and cleaning. Please say it's not so.

stitcherw said...

Not having a chair would be a problem, hope you find a nice alternate place to sit and stitch. Why don't you look and see if you can find a cute, fun, small one to work on. Doing one you can finish quickly that appeals to you always helps me get back in the mood to stitch.

BlissxStitches said...

Alas, Lee, it's worse than that! I'm house painting. We have no chairs because they have gone to be upholstered while we renovate our living room & install a new kitchen. I don't need a crystal ball to know that insanity is not far off. LOL
And I'm having a marvelous time (says she as she drums her lips like insane people do).

Carto said...

Hey sweetie :)

Yes, I feel your pain. I lost my stitching mojo to the point where I thought I'd never get it back again, but it did. I'm struggling through 'Phoenix' at the moment, but the side projects are keeping me going. Hope your mojo comes back soon :) x

BlissxStitches said...

Thank you everyone! Your support has been wonderful. LOL, I don't suppose you can send me wall painting vibes instead, please? The dark salmon has to go. Bring on half strength British Paints Aran White!