Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Kitchen - Dishonest!

We got an email out of the blue from 'Drew the Manager' of Jaguar Fine Kitchens yesterday evening saying:

'The proposal is that the other Drew will commence to install the kitchen on Thursday with the cabinetry and panels etc. It will take him at least one day probably a day and a half. The stonemasons will then commence installation of the bench tops on Tuesday. However, before Drew commences he will require a cheque or EFT receipt from you for the second instalment payment of $[xxxx.00].'

It was a bit of a surprise considering the last email, but we replied that that was good but that on two occasions we had, at their request, made arrangements to be present in person and organised tradesmen for the installation of the kitchen and on both occasions they had failed to arrive to do the work and had not notified us that the installation was not to occur. We also told them that since this caused us personal inconvenience (time off work etc), & difficulty in getting tradesmen to attend our home without some guarantee that the work is actually going to take place that we would come & view the kitchen at the showroom/factory on Friday morning and then, if all was well, get them start the installation on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday). It would give us time to make arrangements with the sparky & the plumber. We would pay Drew when the work for this installment was complete.

Would you believe, Drew the manager sent us another email saying 'no' & that they are cancelling their contract. There is to be no kitchen, not now, not ever.

Weird, huh? We are at a loss to understand anything. It's not that we said or did anything that caused this problem. The kitchen simply didn't happen.

The question that I ask is 'why did they ever pull out the old kitchen if they had no intention to put in a new one?' Isn't that fraud? Isn't taking more money still with no intention to deliver goods called stealing?

Silly buggers! They put it in writing, didn't they? It's time to take legal action.

Meanwhile, no leftovers left when we got home. Too tired & cold to go out and BBQ something. Good thing that I had provided Paul with large salad sandwich at 4pm when I collected him from work, don't you reckon?



Name: Vicki said...

Since you had a contract, can't you sue them?! Is there any one you can report tham to; so no other family will go through what you have been through?! I can't believe they sent you emails instead of calling you in person! I will be praying for you and your family. I can't imagine the stress you are going through!! Hugs!!!

Felicity said...

It would have been nice to get a call on the days they were due to install but didn't show up, yes. However, Emails are now better because they give us ammunition to sue them - and win. Thanx for the hugs & prayers.