Monday, 30 April 2007

Kitchen Update

What was I thinking when I typed that things could only get better? To put it simply, the kitchen is not happening.

After waiting since last Monday, Jaguar Fine Kitchen's Drew Jeffrey rang on Friday morning & advised us to get the tradespeople here for first thing this morning to install the kitchen. With electrician & plumber ready & willing to work for the kitchen crew, Drew Lockland from Jaguar Fine Kitchens has rung to inform us that they have sent an email and I quote:

"As a result of discussion with David Banks [the owner of the business] I am instructed to advise that he is not prepared to advance any further with the installation of the kitchen unless there is an agreement in writing from you to extend the time for installation and completion of the kitchen and fitting of the bench tops. As Drew Jeffrey explained to you there h as been a delay as a result of the painting of panels etc not being to our satisfaction.

In addition, there have been delays with Drew getting final instructions from you in terms of final detail for your kitchen. As he explained at the time it was a matter of getting it right the first time."

This is all news to us! You've seen the plans. I can bore you with every detail right down to door knobs etc. What more could they be asking for? And, more is the point, why hasn't anyone rung or come out to the house or something to find out what it is they don't already know. If they were having problems, why didn't they say so? A polite phone call goes a long way to soothing tension.

We stipulated from the outset (and made a point of it before signing anything) that the dates for installation were part of the contract because it fitted in with work commitments (Paul's supposed to be in Perth this week; I was going to do a teaching contract). We even said from the outset that if these dates did not suit then we would find another kitchen company to do the job rather than fluff around.

Having said that, we understand that there are unforseen delays. Why didn't Jaguar Fine Kitchens simply ring and politely tell us that they would not be here today (or last Monday)? They signed the contract with dates to be met many, many weeks beforehand. They knew way back then whether it was possible to achieve. It had an option from the beginning to say 'no' Sigh!

I'll let you know what happens next.

Stay cheerful. We are still seeing the funny side of things ... just! (little washing up & I'm losing weight going up & down that ladder!)


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Name: Vicki said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while! I had the wrong address for your daily bliss blog and stupid me! I didn't think to follow your link from blissful creations until today!! I am amazed at what you are doing in your kitchen!!I can't believe what they said in that email! How can they do that when you have a contract with them?!!Isn't anyone trustworthy any more?!! I will definitely put you on my prayer list!! I will also pray for "nameless party".lol Isn't it just like a man to do anything to get out of work!!lol I hope things get better for you!! I know you were so excited about getting the new kitchen and now you have nothing but stress!! Hang in there and be strong with those Kitchen people! Hugs!!!