Thursday, 26 April 2007

Flight of the Kitchen Reno is stalled!

Don't ask me why, but our kitchen hasn't arrived. It has been 4 days.There is no word from Jaguar Fine Kitchens as to why not, in fact, they won't answer their phones for us to find out. Not happy, Jan!

Add injury to the mix. A certain party who shall remain nameless (until the annual Christmas newsletter goes out) fell off a ladder, put a hole in the wall and broke a bone in his foot not allowing him to weight bare until the next 6 weeks are up, at least. This, of course, means that he's off work for five days, grounded from travel for at least 2 weeks and, being the worst patient since Adam & Eve were cast out of Eden, is going to need a lot of attention. More miserable still, Jan!

The birthday was a real blast. Not! Waiting, waiting, waiting ... Grrr!

I guess that the only good news is that it can only get better.

Hoping you are experiencing lots of happiness & laughter in your world.


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