Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Australians flocked outdoors last night to get a better glimpse of the full lunar eclipse that turned the moon blood red.

The earth, sun and moon fell into perfect alignment for the first time since July 2000. The phenomenon was visible to the naked eye anywhere in Australia.

The eclipse began around 7pm, with the moon totally discoloured by 7.50pm.

It spooked Lucy. At 6.20pm, I took her down to the park at the bottom of the street. We walked happily for half an hour, then she parked herself on the grass & refused to budge. Finally, I picked her up, carried her a few paces, then stopped, put her down & explained to her that I wasn't going to be seen dead carrying a nearly 10kg puppy in public. Lucy then grabbed the lead in her mouth & ran for home without a backward glance for the park she loves so much. She snuggled up on her bed in the laundry & stayed put all night.

Paul & I sat at the top of our steep driveway & watched the specticle. It was like seeing a planet out of the encyclopedia rather than looking at the moon. Wow!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lucy Update

Aged 7 weeks & 3.5kg

Aged 14 weeks & about 10kg!

Our wee girl is growing quickly. She goes to puppy pre-school on Thursday nights & is learning how to sit, stay & come to Mama. The toilet training continues. Last week's 5 inches of rain slowed the process but that's par for the course. Lucy is progressively more & more an outside dog. I was too soft so Paul got tough & announced an edict that meant business ... LOL.

Lucy has had her shots, so we've been to the park each day for the last week.

Gypsy isn't as jealous as she was, thankfully!

No Stitching

Hard to believe, folks, but I haven't stitched at all during this last week, in fact, not since my frogging attack two weeks ago. Withdrawl symptoms are setting in!

I have, however, knitted a bit on the Crown Princess's cardigan - & then promptly pulled it out again. I've also tried dying some fabric a deep olive shade (for Mermaid of Atlantis), but that, too, hasn't been much of a success. I've been to Spotlight today to purchase some much needed dye fixer.

I guess creativity has been down because I had people building the kitchen last week & I was too engrossed in the whole spectacle. It could also be because we had 7 days of much needed, glorious rain & what spare time I had I spent in the garden. It's the best Winter rain across eastern Australia in 8 years! Oh, how I miss those cold, wet & windy days of a European Winter.

Or was it because my MIL was visiting for the weekend & there was housework that needed to be a priority? LOL. Gypsy's cat hair on the spare bed is a definite no no.

It may be a wee while before I get back into stitching, because there is also a living to be earned. It's a busy time at school with lots of marking, & Spring vacation doesn't start for another 3 weeks. Can't wait!

I hope that you are all enjoying whatever you are working on.


Afterthought: Does anyone have a successful sock knitting pattern for adult ladies they can share or recommend, please? They are not readily available here in Brisbane

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Family Weekend

Christmas in July in August was a great success. We had an extended family do on Saturday evening (in the rain) followed by Sunday roast for 20 people. Unfortunately, I was on kitchen duty, so there are no photographs.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Happy Dancing!

Photo taken before we bought the house.
This is how the former owner set up her kitchen.
I loathe the cluttered look above the cupboards!

Just plumber & sparkies to go

After its first weekend of activity

After 129 days without, we have a new kitchen.
It looks good & it's fabulous to work in!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

What a Week, so far!

Monday: was the Crown Princess's birthday. Where have the years since 1981 gone?

Tuesday: the Cadet Princess got her driver's licence & I had lunch with my friend, Linda, who is off to Europe for 6 glorious weeks - her first overseas trip.

Wednesday was Ekka Holiday so Paul was home & we filled another skip of rubbish (our neighbours are beginning to ask if there is anything left in the house - LOL)

Today we are getting the tiles professionally cleaned of their grout haze.

The plans for our Christmas in July in August are well under way (kitchen or no kitchen), though JR Stark tells me that we have an installation date of next Monday.

Powers of positive thinking work much better than getting all hot under the collar.

Oh, & we've booked 2 weeks at Mooloolabah for later in the year.

Frederick the Literate - Frog Attack!

Remind me that it's not wise to go from working on white 26 ct evenweave to working on black 14/16ct aida fabric -> particularly at night. I think I'm gonna go blind. LOL

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Now, where was I?

Next finish -> Frederick the Literate!

This has been a WIP for at least 2 years, though I have only seriously worked on it over the last year. The aim is to have it finished before Christmas time. Thanks to the SAL with Margaret & Berta, that's quite possible.

What are YOUR goals until the end of 2007? Have you set yourself up for at least one finish?

Happineess & laughter always,


Thursday, 9 August 2007

Happy Dancing - 'Love with a Capital L' is finished!

This project has been a lot of fun. It is certainly the largest piece I've ever cross stitched.

Thank you everyone for your marvelous support.

As I said way back when I started, this blog is my 'brag book' & stitching journal for motivation. I always assumed it would be me doing my own motivating. It has been a delight to find that so many other stitchers have given me their input & encouragement.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Peeved Beyone Belief!

I'm sorry, but there is no niceer way to say it. I've reached the end of my tether about this kitchen renovation.

It seems that the kitchen has stalled yet again. There is no date that JR Stark is going to deliver it in the fore-seeable future. Apparently, when there is a delay in doing a job, Jason doesn't shuffle everything along a bit. He simply puts your job at the back of the queue. He's too busy doing other jobs that will earn him more money than ours will. Not happy, Jan!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Friday, 3 August 2007


On Sunday, a dear friend's only son (Damon, aged just 24 years old) got killed in an accident. He bought a new motor bike a week earlier, went for a spin, clipped a car, bumped his head on the road & died instantly.

The aftermath has been every bit as bad as I thought it would be. There is no worse horror story in a parent's life.

In the years that I worked as an RN, I worked with many terminally ill people & their loved ones. I learned that one of the greatest fears of becoming a parent is outliving one's children. "That fear never goes away," a parent of two grownups told me shortly after I started nursing.

And it's true! Think very gentle thoughts for Roshell & Frank, will you, dear readers? They desperately need them.

Be very proud of the younger generation & smile for the wonderful nature of Damon's friends & sister, Naomi. This group of young people showed up at his funeral today in huge numbers, actively participated & were wonderfully supportive of the family. They showed how much they cared! Awesome!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Bliss? yeah right!

Seems that there is no date for that damned, bloody kitchen.

I've got nothing positive that I can say or probably think of until that kitchen is installed so I'm not posting for a while!

May happiness & laughter be with you.