Monday, 17 December 2007

Comparisons & Fair Play!

While neither job mentioned below is being offered a salary of at least the average Australian wage, I find it interesting & sickening that Governments around the world wax lyrical about how education is important yet don't follow through with how teachers are paid.

Here is an example from University of Queensland, one of the key universities here in Australia.

UQ (INSTITUTE OF CONTINUING & TESOL EDUCATION) wants a TESOL Language Teacher & (The Centre for Biological Information Technology) an Administrative Officer.

To get a $42,000 - 60,000 salary (sans superannuation) as the TESOL applicant, the candidate has to have the following:

'a bachelor’s degree with postgraduate qualifications in TESOL or a postgraduate qualification with a significant TESOL component. Applicants with a degree, certificate level TESOL qualification and currently undertaking postgraduate qualifications as above will be considered. All positions require 1,500 hours adult teaching experience.'

That’s asking for someone with 4+ years of university study plus 5 years teaching experience. Knowing what teachers do for a living, the candidate would also have to be the dynamic team player wanted in the administration candidate, not to mention work more flexible hours and weekends of out-of-worktime unpaid hours doing marking, preparation etc that comes with the teaching profession.

Yet to get a similar salary for a one year job ($49,000 to 51,102 which includes superannuation), the admin candidate should only possess

'a diploma in administration (or equivalent) plus at least 2 years general experience in administration, and experience in processing accounts payables and receivables. To be successful in securing this position it is essential you possess accounts experience, a high level of initiative and maturity and be a great team player. You should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment. You will need to be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Previous experience in UQ departmental systems would be an advantage but is not essential as training will be provided to the right candidate.'

Come on people, play fair! You are asking a lot more of the teacher but not really giving much extra (if anything) in return. Just remember, you are only going to get what you pay for.

Personally, though I am well qualified to do the teaching job, I wouldn't wake up in the morning for that squidgy amount of money! My teaching services are worth more than that. I might have a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed but I'm not that desperate to work that hard for so little! Generation X would be even less inclined to do so.

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