Tuesday, 18 December 2007

WIPs & Gifts

Stitch by stitch, Fred's getting there!

An example of the beading I'm doing for Christmas gifts this year. I can share this one with you because I know for sure that the recipient will not be checking out this site! I love Swarovski beads!

My dear friend, Paula, sent me this incredible booty, which includes a chart for 'Enchanted Alphabet'! She says that it's not a Christmas gift, but I feel like all my Christmases came at once! Thank you, Paula!

Finally, one of my finest WIPs. The Crown Prince celebrated his 24th birthday & graduation with honours in music from the Conservatorium of Music on the weekend.


stitcherw said...

Wow, congratulations are certainly in order, graduating with honors and a birthday, have a wonderful time celebrating.

Frederick is looking great, and he certainly is growing. Your beading and stash are wonderful too. All kinds of good news for you to post about. :)

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Happy Birthday David! Congrats on graduating with Honours! Double Blessings!

Frederick looks so comfy there on the shelf amongst his favorite books! I'd hate to disturb him!

Bliss, your beading looks amazing! You are quite skilled in all you undertake. Lucky recipient!

Enjoy your new booty...you deserve it all!

Merry Christmas!

Sweet Pea said...

Lovely work! Check out www.fusionbeads.com. Their inspiration pages have some amazing ideas!

Mylene said...

Very good progress on Frederick and your beadings simply beautiful!
Congratulations and happy birthday to David. Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

Suzanne said...

Frederick is so close to being finished. The beading you are doing is really beautiful. Lovely gift and I noticed that there is a Lavender & Lace angel there. Would you be interested in joining a L&L Angel SAL early next year?

Isabelle said...

Congratulations to David! My brother is a cellist as well, such a beautiful instrument.

Ali B said...

Dearest Bliss, thanks so much for your lovely newsy letter and card - I am still writing your's - sorry it has been delayed, but its on its way - lots to write about :-) Many congratulations to David on such an amazing achievement. Much love, Ali xxx

Little Cat said...

Happy birthday and congratulations to David. A great achievement!

Frederick is so near now and looking fantastic, and what a great gift you received too!

Thank you so much for the Birthday Card :o) It arrived yesterday and I've enjoyed reading your newsletter :O)))

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to David and congratulations on his graduation. What a gorgeous cake Bliss. I'll bet it was yummy too.
What a lovely gift you have made for your friend and oh my goodness your gift from Paula is wonderful.
I'm back to Fred tomorrow. Not as many days left to complete him as I had hoped but I'm striving for the deadline.