Saturday, 23 February 2008

Oh Boy! It's hot!

It's the last weekend of the Australian Summer. It's not just hot in Brisbane today; it's REALLY hot - 40°C or 104°F. I'm not complaining, or anything. It's just a statement. We haven't had the extreme temperatures that other places around Australia have had in the past few months. This Australian summer has gone down as the hottest summer in recorded history. In fact, for all but a week of the last two months, Brisbane has had rain which means that the temperatures have not been summer-like at all. With the daily max at 25C, it has been marvelous!

To put you in the picture, dear reader, the northern parts of Australia have wet summers and very dry winters. It's the opposite in the south. For Brisbane, the weather is usually sunny & clear for 300+ days of each calendar year (& for the last 11 years or so we've had probably 330+ sunny days each calendar year). How lucky can you get having all this glorious weather? It's great. The clothes dry on the line outside, we can plan events without worry of rain ... and so the list goes on.

I'm sure my SIL & her family are enjoying their holiday at the Gold Coast. They live in Sydney, so it's nice for them to have good weather.

But enough of the weather. There are other things to blog about.

We are enjoying our new Darby & Joan lifestyle. You don't know the expression? The term 'Darby and Joan' is defined by the Random House Dictionary as "a happily married couple who lead a placid, harmonious life." After raising 7 children between us, the MOTH & I have no problem with this placidness, let me tell you.

The Cadet Princess has happily settled into life in Townsville, as I knew she would. She has gone to live with her father, so it's not like she's living a struggling student's life. She's enjoying the comforts of her childhood home & bedroom, surrounded by teddy bears on the shelf, baby photographs & enjoying her dad's cooking. He's a great cook!

Meanwhile, back to life in Brisbane ...

Having given the impression that life's tranquil, I won't pretend that it's void of the interesting. We went out for lunch on Tuesday (after seeing off the Cadet Princess at the airport - we used frequent flyers points to gain a business class seat so that she could take 3 x 35kg suitcases!) & then went out again last night to 'Phantom of the Opera'.

'Phantom' was brilliant. I loved the costumes, voices & the music. As ever, I was so fatigued after a working week, that I was ready for a snooze as I sat in the dark in the comfy chairs, but I resisted & managed to stay awake until well after midnight & after a delight supper of quiche lorraine at a French restaurant, Belle Epoque in Ann St Fortitude Valley 4006 QLD (Phone: 07 3852 1500).

So now back to Saturday & the heat. I'm swanning around whilst the MOTH whips up something delicious for dinner. He's the Saturday cook & feels deprived when I do it. During the week, I'm working hard at the new routines of work, exercise, the housekeeping & study. The MOTH's still travelling most weeks so he enjoys domesticity on weekends. Life's good.

Keep the emails coming. I love hearing from you.

Happiness & laughter always,



michmolk said...

Phantom was brilliant! My hubby treated me for Valentine's Day :)

michmolk said...

Phantom was brilliant! My hubby treated me For Valentine's Day :)