Friday, 20 June 2008

Renovation Update


Terry the Tiler at work

The walls have been painted. They have gone from dark green (& I mean dark green) to Berkshire White. The carpet is gone and we are in the process of being replacing it with chocolate tiles with cafe grouting. It's going to be fabulous!

Tomorrow the MOTH & I are going to be doing a lot of dusting in order to get the bookshelves looking as good as new.


Chiloe said...

I love the tile's name: make me want to eat it !!! lol I'm glad you changed the green on the walls ;-) :-D

Anonymous said...

The tiling job looks nice. I hope that it all comes out looking like you hoped. It should be quite pretty.

Alberta said...

I enlarged the tile photo and they look great. The whole effect of changing some paint and the new flooring looks so much more relaxing. As much as I love green outdoors, it isn't my favorite inside...seems artificial. Can't wait to see the bookshelves in order.