Monday, 21 July 2008

Update about life in Castle Bliss

This is a 'first draft' kind of blog today. I've an urge to write.

We've been home from Canada about 6 weeks. The MOTH is busy with work but I'm enjoying being a simple housewife (not that anyone who knows me would call me simple). I have the house and home bug and am thoroughly enjoying my disease. I've even been cooking new recipes!!!

Apart from renovations, a few houseguests and weekly lunches with my friend, Linda, supposedly supporting each other to lose a few kilos before two up-coming weddings in her family, our news is limited mostly to Harry & Lucy's progress together & our pre-spring clean-up in honour of our Christmas in July weekend coming up. I got a handyman in last week to trim the hedges, the Crown Prince cleaned the windows and then this past weekend, we filled a 4 cubic metre skip with rubbish. Timing is everything.

Harry is now 15.5 weeks old, a super skinny but very tall 11kg and lacking his two front teeth. He can sit, stay & pee on command most of the time. He's also an eating machine. I love him dearly.

Harry & Lucy get along brilliantly. I thought they would. Lucy is looking slightly worse for wear because she's on heat. She's suffering, I think. Poor darling. Harry hasn't noticed her condition.

We're sort of having a winter, but it's winter Brisbane-style. It's cold at night here in the western suburbs, but the days are usually sunny and clear (and an envious 20C).

We're doing Christmas in July this weekend which means that we are having a supper for 30 people on Saturday night (combining it with the Crown Prince's Consort's 25th birthday) & a seafood luncheon on Sunday for 5 of the off-spring (the other two boys are waiting for their father to divorce me before they see him again, it seems). It should all be wonderful.

Cross stitch-wise, I've just finished one project & started another. These are both for our house rather than for gifts. I'll show pics when they are framed.

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