Tuesday, 22 July 2008

What? Blogging Again?

I must have the babbles. I'm blogging two nights in a row!

I'm home alone tonight when I least expected to be. The MOTH is in Perth on the other side of Australia (as he often is - almost every fortnight, in fact), which I expected, but I thought that I had a couple of nights with the Cadet Princess (something I really looked forward to since we have had a busy week and she now lives 2000km away and is only home for a short time). But no. She made the announcement this morning as she was leaving for work that she, too, would spend the next few nights with other family and friends. Crap!

Hence, with the Davies boys having vetoed the Christmas in July weekend (just as they ignored Christmas in December last year, Paul's birthday, etc) because they are waiting for their father to divorce me because they don't want me as a step mum (which I couldn't give a rat's arse about being), the Cadet Princess treating the house like a hotel between social events and another older princess in 'pissed off mode' cos her boyfriend is not talking to her again, I'm dreading the rest of the week. Is it too late to cancel Christmas in July? Probably.

It's age and stage, really. Parents eventually become obsolete, or so I suppose. I didn't have any from a very early age - or should I say that I was discouraged from visiting my parents too often after of my 18th birthday. Theirs was a different age and stage and having little kids around was too much effort for them.

Hence I don't know when to throw a tantrum and tell everyone to pull their heads in, be polite and ask them for a bit of company and companionship. Should I ever do it at all, really?

Honest injun, I don't want answers. I'm just having a rave. Good night one and all.

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