Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Molly-Dookers' Day

To all you left handed people out there, here's another reason to celebrate your life:

We're intelligent, gorgeous n creative!

I'm the left handed daughter (one of three born in my family of 7 off-spring) of a left-handed daughter. I just so happen to have two left-handed off-spring of my own (one of whom is born on left handers' day). I think that's pretty damned cool!

The MOTH is also left-handed & his cadet prince is also left handed. Oh my!

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Chars said...

Hi Bliss..

My youngest twin is a lefty - We are wondering where he gets it from as both myself and DH are righties... as are the rest of our tribe and families....

I don't have to teach him how to use scissors - hes already mastered them - phew!