Sunday, 14 September 2008

Popping in to say 'Hi'

I'm not doing any stitching at all nor collecting any new stash, as you know, but the good news to tell the world is that Chatelaine designs has finally re-released the Medieval Town Mandala pattern. This means that some time in the next week I'm going to buy me a copy. I've wanted it for such a very long time.

Other news: My version of the Lizzie Kate Living with Charm is in being framed. At first, I started with the country look white frame, but it sucked. Next, The MOTH and I tried a brown and gold frame. I'll take a pic and show it off when it's finished.

Life's still over-busy, but it's fun.

Happy stitching to one and all.


P.S. (Tuesday evening) Snowmen are on sale at 123Stitch!


Anonymous said...

I love that one too, but what puts me off is the size. It's HUGE!

Looking forward to seeing the frame you chose for Living with Charm.

stitcherw said...

That is such a gorgeous pattern. I've seen it on different blogs at various times and the colors look awesome. Can't wait to see your Living with Charm all framed up. I'm still working away on mine, but am planning on having it finished by Christmas. It is a far enough out deadline even with everything going on I should be able to meet it without going nuts. I'll remember your comment on the brown and gold frame vs. a country look white one, as haven't even started thinking of framing colors and styles.

Ginnie said...

That looks a fab design, I'll look forward to seeing that progress.

Stitchingranny said...

Wow its lovely Bliss, might be just the antidote to that bug thats had hold of your for the last month.

I am stitching but have not really had much time for blogging and now trying to do a mass sweep up before we go off to Egypt and I fall behind yet again.

Margaret said...

Hi Bliss,

Looking forward to seeing your framed piece. Isn't it funny how sometimes the first framing idea just isn't right. Thank goodness for these MOTHs to help us.

I love your Mandala. I recently bought the Egyptian Garden which I adore. Would you believe it requires 2000+ beads. Won't start stitching it right away but at least I have it now to look forward to.

Have a good week.

Aussie Stitcher said...

It just might bring back your stitching bug!

Alberta said...

Bliss, Medieval Town Mandala is a beauty! I suppose that'll take more than a long weekend to whip up! Just kidding! I'm often do patterns get released? And how would you find out about it...word of mouth from your LNS?

Daughter of the Midwest said...

Want it, want it and want it now!!!!
====frantically searching for the check card=====must order, can't resist

gazette94 said...

What a wonderful piece of cross stitch !!
Thank you so much, Bliss, for you visit and the nice comment on my blog, you write perfectly in French !!congratulations ! I hope you will continue your blog with all this lovely cross stitch, I will add your blog on my favorite list !!