Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Treasure Box

Treasure : Valuable or precious possessions of any kind.
Booty: A valuable prize, award, or gain.

It's always interesting to me how language changes from country to country and context to context.

This blog entry is not about money, jewelery or any other valuable assets, per se. Nor is it about shaking any part of one's anatomy. It's about cookies and cake and edible treasure that is swapped between lovers of nice food.

We have a new family tradition in our family circle: a plastic cake box of homemade delicacies (or other etcs) swapped between the kitchens of Castle Bliss and Princess Street. Behind me on the stove is a saucepan-full of fruit cooling ready to be made into fruit cake and taken over to the Crown Princess Couple (The CPC) on the morrow.

When the cake is demolished (which might be a fortnight, but might be a month), this same box will be returned full of delicacies from The CPC's kitchen.

In a world where we are all weight conscious about eating 'naughty' things, where we are too busy to do too many small acts of kindness (or so it seems) The Crown Princess and I have decided to take a stand and enjoy our little bit of naughtiness (hence the idea of booty - which is usually taken on the sly) and treasure (something special from someone much loved worth more than all the gold in the Earth's crust).

Perhaps I should have filled the box with birthday candles for this first trip. The Crown Princeess's Consort turned 30 yesterday! I decided against this because he would not be amused at his age quite yet at the obligatory fire extinguisher clutched tightly under my arm to use with said candles. LOL

Perhaps one day it will be sent full of kibble for a new puppy or kitten.

Whatever is in it, it's a little bit of fun & an activity that will bring joyful memories in years to come.

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michmolk said...

What a lovely idea! I might just pinch that...