Friday, 7 November 2008

Un-bloody believeable!

I'm kinda depressed and at a loss as to what I should do.

The MOTH's son has set a date to get married. When Mic talked about getting engaged and then getting married way back in mid 2007, we were delighted. We reminded him at the time that we would be away during the school holidays of April 2010 because we had made plans to celebrate my 50th birthday at a cooking school in Europe. I am a teacher. These dates are not changeable. Anyway, why would anyone wait 3 years to marry after deciding to marry? They have lived together for a couple of years already. We thought we were safe.

Would you believe that despite having 120 other weekends outside of April 2010 to choose from, Mic & Tiffany have set the wedding date as 10th April 2010 which is smack the middle weekend of the school holidays? Originally, they suggest the 3rd April, so we changed arrangements to suit. Now Mic has sent Paul a text message and simply said that it was up to Paul to attend or not attend. If we come, we come. If we don't, we don't.

Poor Paul! His three sons have made it abundantly clear that they disapprove of his being married to me even though I've only seen them twice in the last 3 years. On Fathers' Day in September, one of them actually sent his father an email stating that Paul didn't deserve a gift because he was a crap dad who spent more time with me than them. Hello, these boys need to start acting their age. We are talking about men in their 20s! Of course Paul sees more of me. We are married and we live together here in Brisbane. The boys live, by their own choice, in Mackay, a city 1000km north of here.

Michael is the same young man who ranted and raved about my Christmas efforts of beading being 'cheap crap' and how dare I send such stuff to his woman. His fave name for me at the moment is 'fat slut.' It doesn't endear him to me, to be honest. He's out to make me uncomfortable about every one of the festive seasons of life. I try to give the boys as much time with their father as possible, considering the distance, and remain discretely in the background to keep out of the line of fire. I stayed here in Brisbane while Paul went to the engagement party in March (I was dis-invited to the party supposedly because of the beads, & told to sit on a local park bench, anything but come to the event) and I'm not going to stand in the way of a man going to his son's wedding if he wants to go (I will still celebrate my birthday whether it's in Australia or Europe), but I do have to comment that Tiffany and Michael are starting a marriage on very shakey grounds. Bridezilla extraordinaire! It's not a good omen.

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michmolk said...

Ooo, that's hard to take. Your poor hubby. In my humble opinion, I would suggest that if son really wanted dad at his wedding, he would have made it very clear to his bride-to-be... I hope it all gets sorted. The cooking school sounds like awesome fun!!!