Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Lost Symbol - review

I'm surprised that this book got published in its current form. If it was written by one of my students, I'd have called it a second draft not ready for submission. It goes to show that the publishing industry must be quietly desperate for a hit money spinner.

It's 'formula written' and then ends up with a sermon to end all sermons. I so wanted to give up five pages before the end, it was so bad.

Save your money!


Chars said...

Oh Dear - I bought this for my dad for fathers day... don't think hes read it yet :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. I've been looking at the Dan Brown books wondering if I should try reading them. Think I might borrow them from the library instead of buying.

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness - and I was so looking forward to reading this. Guess I'll borrow rather than buy.

Thanks for your email. Will get back to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok well I'll put myself on the local library list & not worry about missing much. Thanks for the tip.