Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Romance in Paris

Yesterday was The MOTH's last night in Paris before he returned for two weeks' work in Australia. As regular readers of this blog know, my DH works in a position where he travels a lot for his work (mostly around Australia, but somtimes to overseas places, too). From time-to-time I go with him on his trips when the school calendar allows. This Paris trip is a little different. I here for MY work, not just his. You see, as well as English literature, I teach French language and culture. Hence, I got to stay for three extra weeks to spend time in country to improve my spoken French & to catch up on the latest 'gossip', so to speak.

After classes last night, The MOTH sent me a text message asking to meet him at the Porte Maillot Metro station. The plan was to have dinner in town and then, on our way back to La Defense, to get off at Georges V Metro and have a quick look at the Ave des Champs Elysées. We met and mounted the train, but at the last moment I grabbed Paul's hand and we descended the train earlier than expected at Arc de Triumph and we strolled the length of the street, hand-in-hand. I've seen all the Christmas lights before and they are just as enchanting in 2009 as they were in 1997 - breathtaking! But oh the doing of such a thing with the love of your life!

We didn't walk quickly, reader, we took our time to 'faire du lèche-vitrines'. I've got to tell you that if I could have put my nose on the windows of the car dealerships, I would have. I have never understood the 'pull' of a car or motorbike, but I can understand why people buy the beautiful Peurgeots and BMWs that I saw last night!

We had a lovely time walking in and out of arcades with their windows dressed for Christmas, but in the end, The MOTh's hunger got the better of him and we headed for the Christmas markets closer to La Concorde to find something for him to munch while we walked a bit further. It was all oh so romantic!

The MOTH is now winging his way back to Australia. and I am alone to cross stitch in the evenings once more. I'll last about 8 days before I miss him more than I want, if you know what I mean. He's often away but we are never more than those 8 days apart, but it's good not to speak any English for a wee while.

Anyway, I finally understand the romance of Paris. Even though The MOTH was only here for 3 days, we made it a romantic time, probably the most romantic time since we met all those years ago!

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



CindyMae said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and how special to get to spend some time with your love and share a bit of romance in the most romantic place on earth!

Maureen said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful descriptions of Paris - i've been on a couple of day trips (the wonders of cheap flights!) and only really seen the touristy bits but was totally smitten with the place - how special though that you got to spend some time with your other half there - hope you are managing to stay upright in the snow ..