Friday, 16 July 2010

Felicity's Fabulous Friday

Laundry - almost finished!

Bathroom -getting there!

Mermaid - looking fabulous!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful encouragement in the last month or so. Feedback that is constructive when I'm experimenting (& wondering what the heaven's name I'm doing) keeps me motivated during times when I all I want to do is kick the cat. Poor Gypsy!

I'm an avid renovator but the dust & chaos get to me as time drags on and where functional rooms, like a bathroom and the laundry, are out of action. Fortunately, we have a second bathroom at Castle Bliss. Do you remember the kitchen renovation of 2007? That was a nightmare but finally resolved itself into a gorgeous and functional kitchen! We've had few problems with this project, so it will be finished by this time next week. Yippee!

Having expressed concerns, I can only say that both renovation and mermaid are looking good. We have a fabulous team working on the reno. As for Nora Corbett, I'm sure she is spinning in despair on her office chair at my colour changes (if she knows about them). LOL. I like the mermaid on which I'm working. It will be the addition of a few beads on the outer fins before I'm 100% sure that I'm keeping it as it is, though.

Hoping that everyone in Blogworld is well, & wishing you happiness and laughter over the weekend. Stay safe!



Brigitte said...

Your new bathroom looks so reat. Must have been a lot of work.
And the mermaid shows some nice progress.

Anonymous said...

dust & chaos will soon be in the past - renovations are looking GREAT

Margaret said...

Looks great Felicity. Bet you can hardly wait to try out the lovely tub.

Mermaid is coming right along and looks fabulous - good color changes.

Hope my letter to you arrives soon. These days snail mail really lives up to its name.

Have a wonderful weekend.

hugs, Margaret

Pumpkin said...

Wow, you've done some lovely renovations! You must be happy with it :o)

I think your Mermaid changes look fabulous!

Thanks for visiting my Blog :o)

Wendy said...

wauw, yout bathroom and laundry room look just great !
you must be so eager for it all to be finished, but it can only get better from now on !

and your mermaid, she looks better and better !
I must say with the other colors beside the her I like the blue very much !

stitcherw said...

Looks like they are making good progress, it will look great when done and worth the disruption. Mermaids is looking fantastic, I love the color changes you've done.

Anonymous said...

The renovations are looking fantastic. Looking at the before and after pictures of the laundry it looks so much brighter and happier, a big plus when doing tedious chores.

Nice bathroom. I envy such a lovely big bathtub.

Mermaid looks great, I really like your choice of colours.

Meari said...

Both rooms look fabulous so far. Are you doing the work yourself? Or hired out? The mermaid looks pretty.

Suzanne said...

Great work with the renovations, they are looking great.

Shelley said...

Love all the fancy tile work. Mermaid is looking beautiful!!