Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday's progress

10 days of hard yakka by a team of dedicated professionals!

Not quite so many days of work.
My mermaid looks like she has high blood pressure.
No doubt, her health will 'improve' once all the beads are applied around the neckline.


Wendy said...

yuor bathroom is coming along nicely, hope you don´t have to much mess........

mermaid is looking good to me, I don´t know about the bloodpressure, but she is surtenly having a good hair-day !

Margaret said...

Both looking good.

The beading in mermaid's hair is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

bathroom and mermaid are both looking good ^^

Anonymous said...

Her hair is beautiful! Wow!

Isn't renovation a mess! We had to do a repair in our son's bathroom and I couldn't WAIT for the work to be done. It seemed to take forever!

Good luck with your renovations!

Suzanne said...

Your mermaid is looking great.