Friday, 10 February 2012

Dinosaur Alphabet - Update No. 3

Cute, isn't it?

A Gift from a dear Friend

Earlier in the week, I went to the post office where I found this lovely kit sent by Berta.
One of these days, Margaret, Berta. & I will meet somewhere with a fabulous view and cement our online friendship with lots of talk, a little stitching and a Mad Tea Party!


Margaret said...

Berta has soooo spoiled us both. What a lovely pattern and so you. I'm fine with meeting there too. We can start the day on a terrace eating croissants and drinking cafe au lait. Yum!!

Meari said...

Beautiful gift from Berta.

Nice progress on your dinos!

socialsue said...

Love your dinosaurs alphabet!


Alberta said...

Ah...a cuppa alfresco with my friends somewhere fabulous...we talk about everything and nothing at the sunlight dwindles the tea changes to a glass of red wine and stars & dreams of the future fill our souls!

Shaunterria Owens said...

The Dino Alphabet is too cute, and I cannot wait to see how your new kit turns out :)