Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dinosaur Alphabet - Update 2

Each Wednesday, I go to a stitching group and, like with this blog, do a 'show and tell'.

I have a lot of fun at these stitch-ins and it keeps me motivated.

The colours are in my new sampler aresimply gorgeous - what I describe as 'jewel colours'.

Good news! The temperatures have fallen from 42.5C to 28C.
Life is bareable again!

Thanks everyone for your 'comment encouragement' of recent times.
It has been much appreciated that you take the time to call in.

Off topic: How does my blog template look to you?
Has it a big blank space at the top?
It's really weird because in 'preview' when I try to fix it up it doesn't have it.
Hence, I'm having difficulties in fixing the problem.
I'm reluctant to change the template to a blogger template.


Margaret said...

Felix is so adorable and my how he has grown. Lucky Grandpa to get to spend extra time with him.

So glad you have found a stitching group and fun that you go on Wednesdays which is when our group here gets together. Great progress on the dinosaurs.

As for the empty space at the top of your blog. I had the same problem a few years ago and it turned out I had something in the sidebar which was taking up too much room across the page and therefore pushing the actual blog down. I'll see if I can find where I found the information to correct it and email you when I do. Mine was an easy fix.

Alberta said...

What an adorable toddler Felix is, especially with that head of soft blond curls! It's wonderful to have those interactions with the kids/grandkids because they do in fact grow up oh so very quickly.

I can understand your hesitation to 'tweak' your blog template. I make sure I have mine backed up somewhere in case I have to make a recovery. I have been known to zig when a zag was in order! Lol

Enjoy those moderate temperatures!

Wendy said...

tell be about it, before you know it he´s turned nine !

love your dino´s !

and as for teh big empty space, I thought me having to scroll all the way down had something to do with you liveing down-under ? lol !

Janine said...

Felix is gorgeous.

Wow you have stitched heaps on the sampler since last Wednesday.

Yes relief from the heat. It has been cold down here

Hugs Janine

claire93 said...

ooooh all those blong curls ^^

(having to leave comm with blogger account as I keep getting error with wordpress

Shelley said...

Felix is adorable!!

Suzanne said...

Felix is so cute and I just love those curls. It's amazing how quick they grow. Nice work on your alphabet.