Sunday, 26 February 2012

Felix's Baptism

Felix wasn't too pleased with the ceremony but ...

He loved the symbolic tree planting ceremony ...

Held at his paternal grandparents' farm afterward.

Proud Maternal Grandad

An event which brought happiness & laughter to one and all,

(the proud Gramma)

Photographs above are © Mark Crocker, professional photographer and proud Great Uncle!

P.S. The planned birth sampler (which I'll start as soon as the dinosaur alphabet is finished will be very appropriate because of the First Sunday in Lent Readings.

© Joan Elliott

Dinosaur Alphabet - Update No. 5


Shaunterria Owens said...

Your pictures of the baptism are amazing! Are you a professional photographer?

You are making great progress on Dinosaur Alphabet. I saw that pattern on the Herrschners website and thought it was so cute...keep up the good work.

Alberta said...
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Alberta said...

Loved that you were able to attend Felix's big day. What kind of tree did he decide to plant?

Love your alphabet progress!

*** Previous comment deleted due to multiple typos! Too many thumbs today! lol ***

Meari said...

Indeed Felix didn't look happy, but I couldn't help but laugh at that face... he's so adorable, Felicity. What happy celebration for you all.

Love the birth sampler!

Anonymous said...

I see Felix soon cheered up after the getting wet part lol

Anonymous said...


Just stopping by to say how much I like your photos.

Your dinosaur wip is lovely and felix is very cute.

Suzanne said...

Such lovely photos of such a precious day. Nice progress with your dinosaur alphabet.