Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bent Creek Big Zipper - Part 1

I was told that if I was sick of the sight of the dinosaurs then I should alternate stitching  between them & something else.

The above is my other project, one I began a couple of years ago but made a mistake on so put into the too hard basket.

The mistake  came about because I was trying to stitch a project without gridding first.

Silly me!

Basically, that meant frogging the lot and starting again.

And now? Now that I'm finished this section, I've discovered that the gridding on the next part doesn't line up with the grid lines of Part One.

Oh boy!

Look for more news about the dinosaurs, soonish.

Meanwhile, the good news is that I have spent time and worked out my wee bit of Hardanger. We're not friends yet, but my poor piece of fabric hasn't yet been ripped from corner-to-corner. I took it out for a drive in the car on Tuesday night for some assistance from the friendly folks at The Embroiderers' Guild.

I somehow managed to stitch one part upside down on the fabric (as in I stitched it on the right side but what came out underneath was how it should be on the right side).

I suspect that is what comes as a result of getting a right hander to teach (me) a left hander stitching.


Carla said...

Glad your decided to give this project another chance....congrats on finishing part 1!

Anonymous said...

oooh I like this design - look forward to seeing it grow

Janine said...

Felicity, I have started this design too. I stopped stitching on it because I too made a mistake. Might look it out. I have tried hardanger as well. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.