Friday, 25 May 2012

Bent Creek Big Zipper - Part 2

Perth's semi-annual craft fair is being held at the convention centre around the corner from Apartment Bliss. My cross stitch stash supply has not grown, but I've enjoyed collecting a few things for my general sewing box and bought myself a new knitting bag.

This week's progress on the Bent Creek Big Zipper is not large, but it has given me great pleasure.


Vicky said...

I have resisted so far on going to the craft show, I was going to finish work early today and have a peek but don't really need the stash LOL

Stitching Noni said...

Going tomorrow. Can't wait! Have my list all ready & waiting to go. Probably won't get much x-stitch stuff but this time I'm mainly after beads & embellishments and fabric!!!

Diane said...

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All the best,

Anonymous said...

lovely progress
hey Felicity, any chance of making your text a little bigger? my eyes aren't getting any younger and I'm having a hard time reading on your blog ^^

Carla said...

good progress!